About me

Hi there! I am Shirley. Nice to meet you.

I love creating, designing and styling. I mean I really love it. I enjoy making things to decorate my home, developing new dishes, designing clothes or accessories, preparing a beautiful table or experience for my guests… And I believe it should be fun !

” It makes me happy to feel there is no end to trying and learning new things! “

Brussels, Paris and Tel Aviv are the 3 cities where I feel home for totally different reasons.
I was born and raised in Brussels, studied and became a woman in Paris and moved in 2012 to Tel Aviv where I am currently living with my partner in crime Lior. We married under a beautiful sunset in June 2015.

I am very, very close to my family. They are my everything and my source of inspiration, especially my grandmother FRIDA, THE QUEEN OF THE FAMILY ( unfortunately no longer with us ), she represents the courage, the attention to detail, the modern state of mind , the biggest social intelligence and the definition of generosity and love.

What else ?
I love photography and art, especially street art.
I love traveling, discovering new cities and getting the local’s experience while there.
I love dogs : their unconditional love, their loyalty, their cuteness, their kindness !

Last but not least…I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love creating it 🙂