Some cork under my dishes


Today, I want to introduce a very easy DIY that will add a touch of color and design to your dining table. For the colors, I chose blue, pastel yellow and sweet potato color.
DIY Liege Dessous de Plat 1.4
So to make this cork trivet, you need :
– Masking tape
– Acrylic paint ( As many colors as you want but only one will be enough too )
BE CAREFUL !!! If the color is too liquid, it can seep under the masking tape and thus create traces of smudging. I recommend checking the texture of the acrylic paint at the moment of purchase!
– A brush
– The cork trivet ( Mine is a HEAT from IKEA )

Here we go in 3 simple steps :
DIY Liege Dessous de Plat 1.1
First step, place the masking tape on the cork trivet as you wish to create the areas where you will paint….Let your imagination run wild and if not, you can always reproduce what you see in the pictures.

DIY Liege Dessous de Plat 1.2
Second step, fill the areas with your chosen colors. Once this step completed, wait until it dries before proceeding to the third step.

DIY Liege Dessous de Plat 1.3
And finally for the last step, remove the masking tape, admire the result of your beautiful piece of art and invite friends over for dinner in order to enjoy it as soon as possible 🙂

Ps: This is also a perfect project for a children’s workshop, or a good idea for a holiday or Mother’s Day gift.

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    Really add a touch of design to the table. Love it 😉

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